North Along The River - VN Demo

Venture into a decaying world, make choices that will shape the course of your fate, and unravel the truth behind the deadly zombie virus.

Dive deep into the post-apocalypse where the remnants of society cling to Green Zones while the rest of the world slowly falls into decay. Journey with Dylan, a reserved, intellectual coywolf, who faces the terrifying reality of infection. Guided by your choices, he embarks on a treacherous path, navigating love, betrayal, and survival against a dying world filled with horrors and hidden secrets.


  • Character-driven storytelling: Get to know Dylan, a writer turned reluctant adventurer, and Cody, a rebellious lynx with a past. Witness their complex relationship, full of unspoken tensions and painful revelations.
  • Rich and immersive world: Explore the post-apocalyptic zones - Green, White, and Gray. Uncover the mysteries of the zombified wilderness and the remnants of a once-thriving world.
  • Your choices matter: Decide how Dylan confronts his fate and his feelings for Cody. Choose your allies and the paths you tread, each leading to a different end.
  • Meet a vibrant cast: From the charismatic pine marten Maddy and her friends to the enigmatic White Bear, discover the stories of those surviving in the shadows.
  • Multiple endings: Your choices will shape Dylan's adventure, leading to entirely different conclusions, revelations, and legacies.


  • Is this finished? No. This project is in limbo, mostly due to Jimmy’s personal constraints.  I do not foresee significant progress in the future. If you have any questions, please reach out to either of us on FA. 
  • Is this a horror VN? Not really. It's closer to a survival-adventure.
  • Is this a dating sim VN? No. 
  • Does this have romance? Sort of, but it is not the focus.
  • Is there gay? Yes.
  • Are there NSFW scenes? Not in the demo. Maybe, in the full story.
  • Is this a kinetic novel? No. Most of your choices have story consequences.
  • Who is the team behind North? Story by Jimmy Belvins. Art direction by Pleax. Some art assets rendered by MidJourney AI.

This is a concept demo of a furry visual novel. Please expect it to be a bit unpolished. All game assets are subject to change, including the story. If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment.

Notes (v 0.1): 

  • Concept demo ends at the first major branching point.
  • There's around 20 minutes of gameplay, or about 5000 words of dialogue / narration
  • Each character has only one sprite. Try to imagine them with different expressions. :)


Download 62 MB
Download 57 MB
northalongtheriver.program-release.apk 66 MB

Install instructions

Download and run the demo as you would any other VN. You will encounter about 20 minutes of gameplay along with several choice branches. Saves on the demo may not carry over to the official release.

Development log


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I just finished the demo and it's literally so good, I love everything about it. However I have a question. Is there any date where you expect an update to happen?? I'm dying to find out


This was fantastic. Really promising. Visually captivating and the writing is solid. Well done


Friends, thanks for playing the demo.  If anyone is curious, we have just about 1200 downloads and plays after a month.  

Here's an odd thing: every rating is either 5 star or 1 star. Someone explain why? I'm really curious


I don't have a specific reason, but my theory is that because it's only a small demo, it's hard to rate somewhere in between, you either like it or you don't. Personally, I decided not to evaluate it yet because it is difficult to judge the novel based on the demo. But I really like this drawing, I enjoy the backgrounds. And I also like that there was finally a story involving the apocalypse. I hope your game will shine in all its glory in the future

hmmmm demo
 visual: yes
 idea: yes
 plot: yes 
conceptually, the project may well become successful


The theme of survival in a post-apocalypse world always holds a special allure for me,so I'm very excited to see a zombie-themed furry VN came out.After reading the demo,I can see so much potential of it and I really enjoy this.The immersive atmosphere it crafted was truly fascinating.Keep up the good work!


I've never (Read/played?) A VN like this and I gotta say, so far I'm super excited for it. Keep up the writing, I can tell this is gonna be one of my favorites. I cant wait for the next update. :D


Thanks for playing it! Appreciate your thoughts. I hope we will live up to the hype :)


I'm certain that you will!

By the way, if you guys want someone to compose a few songs for you I'm willing to do it. I dont want anything in return, and if you're not down with that my feelings won't be hurt. :P


Oh that would be wonderful! I won't give my email here but you can find my contact info on my website: <3




I sent you an email to what I think is the right address. 

I most definitely your doing great 


read the Demo today and i can´t wait for more. i loved the sprite art but also the stroy itself so far was very good and i´m looking forward to see how it pans out.

Thank you! We will aim to please <3

To be honest, I'm a lover of every VN no matter the content as long as there are furry gay involved hehe, I usually wait for at least 10 demos to be  released in order to enjoy the most amount of content of it, I will for sure read it and I hope you keep doing content of it because I love all the writing you make.

Sounds good! Stay tuned for the first post-demo release. I think I’ll release all of act 1 at the same time so there’s some substantive gameplay. Anyways, glad to hear you like my writing ❤️

Reallyy love the art style of it, excited to see how this story goes along

Thanks! I'm excited too ^^

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24 hour stats: 45 downloads, with two 5-star ratings, one 1-star rating

48 hour stats: 100 downloads, five 5-star ratings, two 1-star ratings

72 hour stats: 250 downloads and browser plays

If you played this game, please take a few seconds to let us know your thoughts in the comments! All feedback is welcome. Thanks very much <3

Hello! I'm A Furry VN Enthusiast, always wanting to try New VNs out there and I seem to found one. Overall so far, I like it. The art is what made me want to pick up your VN. Its very good & lovely!

I want to let you know that I found out about your VN from this discord server as your VN got shared.

If you're looking to promote/discuss/make more people aware of your VN or getting feedback, tips & networking or just want to hangout with other VN Creators in a FVN Community, I recommend coming to this discord server if you have discord 

I thought I'd let you know. Its a great place of resources for VN Developers. There are many of them which can help you become a better developer as am sure they are willing to share their experiences & gives you some tips. You can also search for specific people with talents like artist/musician/proofreader/editor/programmer etc.

Overall, there's a lot of helpful people and a nice atmosphere. I hope you will enjoy this server & wishing you luck for the future & how the next update will pan out!

Hey! I'd love to join :)